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A Coaching Program Focused on Your Professional Success
Get the Most Out of Your Career:

Finding the Role You Want

Take control of your career by getting guidance and coaching from Executive Coaches who work with the best, brightest, and fastest rising stars in Silicon Valley companies.

The Harvard Review has been touting for years the positive ROI from the direct impact of Executive Coaching for level transitions, professional development and assisting executives in recognizing and making the most of opportunities.

This Coaching Group utilizes the 25 Success Rules from Jean and Laura’s book “Same Game, Different Rules” to address issues such as:

Program Pricing

$1500 Assessment + 3 Sessions
$3500 Assessment + 3 Months
$6500 Assessment + 6 Months


Kent Kaufman, Laura Steck, and Ron Steck
CEO, President, and EVP
Growth and Leadership Center

What got you to where you are,
may not keep you there.

And even worse

Sometimes your initial strengths can become liabilities in a changed environment.

Many managers, directors and executives rise in companies because their strengths were needed at critical junctures. However, many times, even though the business needs shift, often skills have not. Without feedback, mentoring, and proper intervention or coaching, high-value strengths can get lost, and the significant investment the company has made in their leaders over the course of their careers is needlessly wasted.

Without dedicated effort, your rough edges and knowledge deficits will be anchors, holding back your career.

Who is Career Coaching For?

Those who are:

  • Looking to raise their own bar to maximize potential
  • In need of successfully managing a transition
  • Restarting a stalled career
  • In-between jobs looking to get back into the game
  • Looking to be their own boss

Customized Program Components Could Include:

A. For those who are currently in a role:

  • Executive Presence that builds confidence
  • Navigating conflict and organizational politics
  • Strategic thinking, planning and messaging
  • Project management & time management
  • Developing a high performing team
  • Presentations that wow audiences at all levels
  • Transitioning roles effectively
  • Internal interviewing skills


B. For those who are looking for a new role:

  • Assessing career gaps and needed change
  • Learning from past successes and failures
  • State of the art Work Style Assessments
  • Exploring personal interests
  • Creating effective self-marketing materials
  • Identifying, building and managing your network
  • Taking down barriers
  • Cracking interviewing codes
  • Managing a search campaign
  • Learning how to best utilize recruiters
  • Applying time management techniques to your career
  • Negotiating strategies for salary and compensation
  • Thriving in a new position

On-Boarding, New role, Promotion or New Career

Coaching support at critical junctures can make the difference between getting your target job, or letting the other candidates out-compete you. If you want to move up, you need to learn what it takes.

Matching your long term value to the market need requires perspective, insight, and planning.

Because careers are so intertwined with our view of ourselves and how others see us, getting proper feedback and guidance can help in overcoming obstacles, both internal and external.

Program Pricing:

$1500 Assessment + 3 Sessions

$3500 Assessment + 3 Months

$6500 Assessment + 6 Months


Growth and Leadership provides Executive Coaching, Teambuilding, Strategic Consultation in all sized companies. We have a 26 year track record of working successfully with high tech companies. Please contact us to take a look at what your business and organizational needs are.