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Laura Steck, M.A.

Laura Steck, M.A. ~ President & Executive Coach

laura-steck.jpgLaura, President, Executive Coach, and licensed clinician, has worked with the Growth & Leadership Center for over 17 years. She is an expert at teaching optimistic interactions during critical transitions in organizations. She provides team-building tools and consultation to senior executives on how to deal with business changes, succession planning and conflict resolution.

Laura is vigorous and persistent in pursuit of data and results. Her enthusiasm and strong analytical problem-solving skills make her especially effective in working with top-level executives. She is also experienced in public speaking in many different forums.

Over the last seventeen years as a business owner, coach and facilitator, she has developed a solid reputation for expert handling of in-the-moment conflict and business strategies. Her clients range from high tech companies like Symantec and HP.

As a co-author for the book, Same Game Different Rules (Mc Graw Hill), she also facilitates GLC’s Executive Women’s Coaching Group where she inspires leadership and change in women executive levels. Her latest book co-authored with Jean Hollands is called Approachability. The Key to Influencing Others. NBC news, People Magazine, New York Times and international media have all praised Laura as a stimulating messenger for leadership skills in the workplace.

“Laura Hollands-Steck will get you focused on your business blind spots right away and will not let you off the hook”

–COO Client of a major Silicon Valley Corporation

Email: lsteck@glcweb.com

Kent Kaufman, MS, M.S.E

Kent Kaufman, MS, M.S.E ~ Chief Executive Officer


Kent Kaufman brings Leadership and stellar business experience to Growth &Leadership Center. Kent’s work history covers the business gamut including senior levels of engineering, sales, marketing, operations and business development. Kent has excelled working with businesses of small, medium and large sized companies and has driven business with companies at all stages.

Prior to joining GLC in 2004, Kent led Dana Software through building business opportunities, mergers and acquisitions and strategic partnerships. In January 2002, Kent served as Executive Vice President of Business Development for MessageHero an Internet startup, which created an innovative unified messaging platform. Kent wore many hats during its startup phase ranging from business model creation to product development to raising capital.

Prior to that Kent was Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for EDC, a leading data storage and industry equipment manufacturer. He was responsible for worldwide revenues, as well as strategic partnerships, joint ventures and special projects with international large-cap companies throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Kent was a key member of the management team that took Nashua’s Computer Products Division private, and then public through the IPO of Stormedia, where he oversaw all product and process development. Earlier in his career, Kent spent over 12 years at IBM, where he was groomed for leadership and high level management, while taking on technical roles for the computer storage and peripherals business. Kent graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Science and from Stanford University with a Masters of Science degree in Engineering.<hr/>

Email: kkaufman@glcweb.com

Jean Hollands, M.S.

Jean Hollands, M.S. ~ Chairman of the Board, Executive Coach

jean-hollandsJean Hollands is the Founder of Growth and Leadership Center, a corporate training center since 1980. She has been a spokesperson for Silicon Valley business trends that impact the community and the work force of this area. She has consulted with over 200 companies and dozens of CEOs.
Along the way, Hollands has written five major books and has been featured in most national publications and television media. Her company, GLC, was featured in Business Week about tough love for techie souls and the rebooting of burned out and crashed executives.

Her third book, Red Ink Behaviors: How to Manage the Surprising High Cost of Problem Employees, 1997, received national acclaim from business schools throughout the United States. Her other publications include The Silicon Syndrome: How to Survive a High Tech Relationship, Optimistic Organizations: How to Get, Grow and Keep Positive Power in Your Company.

Same Game, Different Rules, has prompted appearances on Good Morning America and the Today Show. Jean has been a national keynote speaker whose topics transcend the trends and dilemmas of America’s workplace.

Her most recent book written with Laura Steck, is a winner, that gets at the fundamental and incredibly influential experience people have of each other.

Business Woman of the year in 1986, 1996, 2000 and 2001, she is actively involved in the Silicon Valley Community and serves as a board member on many profit and public benefit organizations. She was involved in the formation of the first professional women’s basketball league in the bay area.<hr/>

Email: jhollands@glcweb.com

Ron Steck, M.A.

Ron Steck, M.A. ~ EVP Coaching & Program Design

ron-steckRon has worked at the Growth and Leadership Center since 1992, and has taken on responsibility for the overall quality, structure, and process associated with all GLC Programs, including, Executive Coaching, Team Development, and Training.

He has worked extensively as a coach–from independent contributor, first and second level managers, to Directors, VPs and the C-Suite Executive. He also has experience with a broad spectrum of companies and industries, including Fortune 50 technology companies, Biotech and Medical (both startup and public), Construction, and Financial Services companies.

Ron is an expert at helping people understand and maximize their impact and influence on those around them-Direct Reports, Peers, Managers, and Key Partnerships outside of companies. He assists people in focusing on priorities, making transitions into executive roles,and building topnotch teams to support success. He is able to facilitate changes in how executives think about and approach their work roles and business relationships to effectively scale to the opportunity.

Email: rsteck@glcweb.com