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samegameSame Game Different Rules

Jean Hollands is introducing her new book, Same Game Different Rules. Her company, GLC, addresses the obstacle that continues to thwart many a talented woman’s ambition—The “Bully Broad” factor. Tough, assertive, authoritative, often intimidating, Bully Broads have been the driving forces behind many of the most sensational success stories of the New Economy. Unfortunately, many of these exceptional women are discovering, too late, that the very qualities that propelled them up the corporate ladder can just as easily ruin them in today’s collaborative business culture.
Price: $21.95


Jean Hollands and Laura Steck introduce their newest book, Approachability. The Key to Influencing People. In the world of internet communication, face-to-face approachability is more important than ever…Approachability, say it or do it with an engaging approach, or trouble awaits. This is not about bein obsequious, it is about making all your hard work WORK for you! What are some of the possible consequences of NOT being approachable? Lost business, lost partnerships, lost results, lost compromises, lost relationships, lost champions for you, lost sales, lost endoresment for your causes, lost influence on your agendas, lost time. These are but just a few. Revised and expanded.
Price: $14.95

redinkRed Ink Behaviors

Here’s a tested tool, the Costimator®, you can use it to get a detailed measure of the cost of wasted resources by problem employees. Now, for the first time, you can find out exactly how much you’re losing from your bottom line with the following types of employees: the micro-manager/controller, the intimidator, the stressor, the withholder, the techno-man, and others. The financial drain from an apparently outstanding employee is an insidious problem. It is not always easy to recognize the negative monetary impact of someone who seems to have many extraordinary qualities.

Price: $14.95

siliconThe Silicon Syndrome: A Survival Handbook for Couples

Too often, the casualities of our high-tech, high-anxiety computer revolution are the marriages and relationships of those closest to it. Ironically, as computers speed communications between nations and corporations, the people who work with computers find themselves victims of the Silicon Syndrome—a crippling lack of communication with their non-technical mates. Jean Hollands, the author, has observed first-hand and treated many symptoms of the Silicon Syndrome: alcoholism, depression, sexual disorders, obesity, family breakdown, emotional burnout and others. Here she offers specific solutions to couples facing stress which threatens to pull them apart. And her advice is equally important for many others in high-tech relationships. Based on her personal experiences working with thousands in Silicon Valley, she provides a workable, interactive program of reconcilliation rather than resentment, negotiation rather than negativism. This book is intended to help today’s couples reunite and work together again to fulfill their goals.

Price: $15.95