Team Building

“I’ve always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team.”
–Lee Iacocca

Imagine a team whose members carry each other’s concerns as they pursue decisions and take action. Think of the leverage a team has if each teammate’s ideas are built upon by the others without ego bruises, defensiveness, and self-serving motivations derailing the conversation. And, what is possible if each member feels accountable for the whole team and not just their own task list?

teamGreat Teamwork Doesn’t Come Easily
  • How can teams succeed when team members seek to build empires and see others as competition and threats?
  • What chance does a team have if brilliance and shy team members sit on the sidelines holding back their ideas and solutions while their teammates struggle and waste valuable time?
  • How can any project get across the finish line when people pull in different directions?
Top 7 Reasons Teams Struggle
  • Individual Success at the Expanse of Team Success
  • Vague Roles and Responsibilities
  • Conflicting Priorities
  • Clashing Work-Styles
  • Offensive and/or Withheld Communication
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Losing Sight of Results
conflict2External Distractions

In addition to struggles inside a team, they also have to deal with external forces that can create turmoil and chaos, distracting people from their goals.

  • Absorbing New Team Members
  • Accepting New Leaders
  • Changing Direction and Strategy
  • Merging Companies
  • Merging Teams
  • Reorganizations
  • Cultural Shifts and Differences
  • Remote Team Communication

Typically, managers don’t address these issues in a proactive, significant, step-by-step manner. Theyprocrastinate, hoping the issues go away without any focused efforts.

Lack of time, skill, and real solutions are at the heart of doing nothing. It’s also very difficult for a leader to facilitate their own team through these issues when they are a significant part of the dynamic. Using a skilled, unbiased, objective observer can produce outstanding results.

“I want to commend you and staff on the extremely worthwhile team building workshop you conducted for us recently. I admit–I was skeptical about the benefit that a one-day workshop could have on my leadership team. However, I am very pleased with the results, both on the day of the event, and now, 30 days later. Your program, and the expertise of your staff, created an environment of open communication. We were able to tell each other what we needed in a non-threatening way. It also allowed us to see and value differences between the team members. Our investment was time and money well spent.”

–Sally Crawford, President & CEO Crawford & Associates International

Our approach to Team Building is targeted, practical, and always involves the team in solving the problems that are most important to them. Through hands-on exercises, expert facilitation, and a focus on real actions and commitments, we help teams to produce results.

For Results
  • Background
  • Goals and Outcomes
  • Strategy
  • Interpret Data
  • Set Priorities
  • Plan Off-Site
  • Present Survey Data
  • Work-Styles
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
    and Planning
  • Agreements


We create a powerful off-site experience that leads the team to play and work as a team, solve issues collaboratively, and define potent actions each member can take to improve results and achieve goals.

Common Areas of Focus
  • Improving Team Alignment
  • Surfacing Problems and Priorities
  • Understanding Work-Style Differences
  • Decision-Making Efficiency
  • Communication Skills
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities
  • Interlocking Accountability
  • Strategic Planning
  • Expectations and Commitments
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Increasing Rapport and Cooperation
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