Women’s Executive Coaching

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The Executive Women’s Coaching Group meets monthly and allows women in management to raise issues, explore alternatives, and consult on the unique, as well as, common challenges women face in the workplace. GLC facilitators supply content, exercises, discussion and expert consultation for a rich and lively interaction.

Our leadership research shows that 65% of women in management face significant challenges without adequate recognition, support and mentoring.

The Growth & Leadership Center has found that successful women need to be more than just high-achieving taskmasters, they also need to “get the people” done, including themselves.

Continued ongoing development of business relationships and allies takes time and focus. Through dynamic group coaching, women identify their issues and goals, gain clarity of thought, and feel empowered to take action.

This Coaching Group utilizes the 25 Success Rules from Jean and Laura’s book “Same Game, Different Rules” to address issues such as:

  • Political dilemmas and conflicts
  • Managing your visibility upward
  • Influencing all levels of your organization
  • Balancing your life
  • Getting promoted
  • Handling difficult colleagues or customers
  • The dilemmas or problems that keep you awake at night

Contacts for assessment, pricing, and program information:
Laura Steck, Executive Coach and President
650-559-0773 ext 307