Executive Coaching

“Give Your Leaders the Competitive Edge with GLC’s Coaching Programs”
Top Six Reason Leaders Succeed

In our over 25 years of experience working with the best and brightest of Silicon Valley, the reasons for success remain the same.

Leaders Succeed When They…
  1. Create and Execute a Winning Strategy
  2. Stay Consistently Focused on Results
  3. Build Allies and Advocates
  4. Align Cross-Functional Efforts
  5. Develop Direct Report Bandwidth and Capability
  6. Master Motivation, Conflict, and Feedback Skills

Our skilled coaches help leaders make improvements in all these areas. Considering how even a small improvement in these areas can produce huge dividends, it’s no surprise that 80% our clients receive promotions or increased scope and responsibilities within 6 months of our coaching programs.

Without coaching, even the most well-meaning leader can fall prey to common leadership traps. Whether it’s working down, across, or up in a company, there are plenty of mistakes the new or experienced leader can make.

Common Leadership Traps

(Traps with Direct Reports)

  • Poor Delegation
  • Micromanaging
  • Neglecting Development of Direct Reports
  • Setting Unclear Goals and Milestones
  • Not Holding People Accountable

(Traps with Peers)

  • Letting Conflicts Fester
  • Poor Communications
  • Political Jockeying
  • Failure to Create Allies
  • Poor Collaboration Skills

(Traps with Managers)

  • Not Delivering What Manager Wants
  • Neglecting to Influence Up
  • Failing to Make the Manager Look Good
  • Problem-Naming vs. Problem-Solving
  • Making “Messes” the Manager Has to Clean Up

Knowing about these leadership traps does not keep someone from falling into them. Often, leaders fall into these traps because of limits in their thinking, “rough edges” in their personality, or simply not knowing how to do things differently.

Our proven approach to coaching keeps leaders on the right track, out of trouble, and producing incredible results by applying cutting edge business principles, feedback and work-style assessment tools, andtopnotch coaches trained in management principles, conflict resolution, and interpersonal psychology.

The Cost of Not Investing in Leadership Development

Lost time, money, missed project deadlines and market windows, low morale and recurring replacement costs are only a few of the problems created by refusing to invest and prepare leaders.

GLC addresses these issues with a variety of programs that identify high payoff results, and deliver them with proven techniques, a variety of expert coaches, quick-and-to-the-point assessment tools, and frequent feedback and communication with stakeholders.

We are one of the few coaching agencies that allows our clients to have access to multiple coaches throughout their program. The Lead Coach will stay involved from beginning to end, while any number of Co-Coaches can be used as needed based on their specific expertise and content knowledge. Clients love the variety and richness of perspective we have to offer.

“GLC is great for individuals that seek fast and effective solutions to solving management problems. I really benefited from seeing problems differently and managing situations as a strong leader.”

— C. Srinivasan, VP of Marketing – Mirapoint
Which Program is Right for You?

Each program offers a customized approach based on each leader’s needs, while maintaining consistent program elements that create change and get results.

Leadership Mastery Program

  • Designed for the High-Potential Leader
  • Goal-Driven Program
  • Transitions,
    Promotions, and Preparation
  • Accelerated Mastery
    of Business and
    Management Skills
  • 6 – 12 Month Programs Assessments
  • Stakeholder Meetings and Feedback

Distinguished Executive Program

  • Designed for Key Leaders with Urgent Development Needs
  • Goal-Driven Program
  • Communication, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
  • Management and Business Skills
  • 6 -12 Month Programs
  • Assessments
  • Stakeholder Meetings and Feedback

High Intensity Leadership Program

  • For the Highly-Motivated Leaders
  • Short-Duration, Lower-Cost Coaching
  • 360-Based Program
  • Goals Derived from 360 Leadership Assessment Scores
  • Focused Education and Consultation
  • Ideal for Coaching Teams and Small or Large Groups

Measure the Cost of Not Investing In Leadership Development
The GLC Red-Ink Costimator