Red Ink Costimator

The Cost of Not Investing in Leadership Development

Leadership should not involve a “sink or swim” approach. However, “Throw them in and see if they float,”happens far too often, with costly results. Lost time, money, missed project deadlines and market windows, low moral and recurring replacement costs are only a few of the problems created by refusing to invest and prepare leaders.

The Red-Ink Costimator: “Time Is Money.”

Try this tool to calculate the real cost of problem behavior
in valued employees.

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Simply pick a person (yourself, a direct report, manager, etc.) and keep in mind the problem behaviors as you complete the form. You will receive an instant email with a detailed report that shows:

  • Direct Cost Monthly Burn Rate:“Direct Cost” refers to time lost by the Identified Employee, i.e. time spent engaged in the problem behavior.
  • Intervention Costand Monthly Burn Rate:“Total Intervention Cost” refers to time lost by people attempting to intervene and manage the Identified Employee’s behavior.
  • Total People Cost and Monthly Burn Rate:“Total People Cost” refers to time lost by people dealing with the impact of the Identified Employee’s behavior.
  • Total Sunk Cost and Monthly Burn Rates Combined:“Total Sunk Cost” refers to total time lost by all people involved or affected by the Identified Employee’s behavior.